Level 4 automated trading bot

This level will give you access to the VIP Trading Discord Community! This includes:
– Frequent Technical Analysis Updates for BTC, ETH and ALTS
– Access to Import Jayson’s Exact Trading Charts
– Jayson’s Potential Scalp and Swing Trade Setups for BTC, ETH and ALTS
– Two Weekly VIP Livestreams – One for BTC & ETH and one for ALTS
– Access to the VIP Community chat discords
– Access to watch Jayson Live Stream His TA Plans for the day (not every day)
– Jayson’s Private Trading Bot Signals including Entry, Take Profit Levels and Stop Losses

VIP Discord Access: Jayson & Community

Inside my VIP discord channel we post detailed TA posts most days Sunday – Friday. Depending on the markets, there may be multiple updates per day.  Periodically Jayson Does his charts fresh for the day to come up with trades and sometimes takes trades. He will live stream the process and this level will be able to watch. 
The weekly TA live streams are where I outline my detailed trading plans for the week and discuss my current/next swing trade setups.  Sometimes I give scalp setups if there is one. In the weekly live stream, I go over various potential scenarios that may play out so we can plan our trades and be prepared!  I also answer questions about TA. 


Trading Bot: Trade while you sleep

Jayson’s trading bot is set up to trade according to his trading plans based on his Market Cipher confirmations. When the bot enters a trade, it will send you a direct message with the entry, take profit levels and stop loss

With this level, you can connect the Jayson Casper Trading Bot to your own trading account and have the bot trade for you. The bot will trade the levels setups that Jayson posts in his TA channels. 

Other Access

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Jayson Casper

Crypto Trader

Jayson is a 3rd generation crypto trader. His great grandfather chizzled out tokens from wood and would place them onto the L2 by hand.

Jayson now has a transmitter from his brain to Bybit and trades via electromagnetic waves. Jayson sometimes lifts heavy things and sets them back down again over and over until he is tired and strong.

Needed Info To Join Level 4

To set up your bot you will need to have already configured your Bybit account and follow the instructions below to find your Discord ID and create a ByBit API key BEFORE you purchase the monthly subscription as they will be required at checkout.
  1. Find your Discord ID and enter it in the form at checkout
  2. Create a ByBit Account
  3. Enable 2-factor auth for your Bybit account. This is required before you can create an API key
  4. Create API key for your Bybit account
      • Give the API key Read-Write permissions on:
        • Contract Orders
        • Contract Positions
      • Allow the API key to be accessed from this IP address:
    1. Save the API key and API secret and enter them in the form at checkout

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