Be one of the Beta Testers!

Thank you for your interest in being a beta tester of the bot! The cost to be a tester for this phase of testing tester is $175. You will have full access to the bot for as long as your subscription is active.

The bot access is a no contract month-to-month subscription. If you do not cancel your subscription after beta testing is over and you stay subscribed, you will have a lifetime pricing of $175 per month for full bot access

**This bot is meant for paper trading only! If you use real money, you do so at your own risk, and against recommendation of Jayson Casper**


Welcome to the crypto fusion bot **BETA** This bot is perfect for a those who are experienced technical analysts, yet don’t have time to sit at the charts all day waiting for the setups. With Level 3 bot access, you simply do your analysis make your plans, and let the bot do the rest! The bot will only take a trade at your level if there is confirmation. No worries about missing a trade, no emotional trading and (best of all) no FOMO! You can go about your day while the bot trades your  plan for you. After you do your analysis and make your trading plan, you simply setup the bot with the following info:

1. Tell the bot what levels to look for trades at

2. Specify what confirmations the bot should look for

2. Specify the entry (can be laddered in for trading a zone) position size, leverage, SL, and TP levels.

3. Where to move SL after each TP (For example: SL to entry after TP 1, SL to TP 1 after TP2)

This bot is fully customizable and with the right settings, it can be used to successfully automate your scalps, day trades and swing trades. We will be releasing a guide to point you in the right direction as it pertains to leverage, SL, Position size etc… for different market contexts.

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