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Take your trading to the next level! This advanced trading course dives deep into advanced charting tools! Learn how to read and implement orderflow charts, TPO charts and market profile charts. This course will equip you with the tools needed to understand the live market data!

This course is mean for people who already have a basic understanding of technical analysis and trading. If you need to review the basics, please review the comprehensive trading course!

This is a more advanced TA course. If you have not completed my first course (Or have a basic understanding of TA)


This course is not for you yet. I recommend you go back and learn the basics before diving into this stuff.

In this course you will learn how to use: Footprint Charts, Delta, CVD, Open Interest, Net Longs, Net Shorts, Market Profile Charts / Naked POCs and TPO charts

During This Training, You’ll Discover

How to navigate and use Exocharts

How to implement orderflow to your trading

Volume, Delta and CVD

How to use market profile charts to obtains key levels

How to Use TPO charts

Success Stories

Actual Testimonies On Our Discord Channel From Customers

I joined about two weeks ago. Increased my knowledge tenfold. The course is exceptional. I have advanced into charting trades. Learning all the time not just from Jay but all the members on here. I have had some great trades from this community.


Learning the safest way to trade with minimal losses is one of the important parts of being in this community. Jay’s strategy made me more conservative with my trades and enabled me to protect my capitals. Additionally, the whole community is very nice and down to earth.


Jayson, I was totally new to trading a month ago, and I consider myself very lucky to have stumbled upon your videos on Youtube at that time. I was immediately drawn to the way you can explain things, not only because it’s very clear and methodical, but also because of the integrity and truthfulness you have as a person. I decided to invest in your course and, man, I have learned so much already! Each lesson is well prepared and outlined. Just plain awesome. It feels like an honor to be part of your community and I cannot thank you enough. God bless you!


Bro literally anything I know about TA is from you, The small dollar fee is worth it so much man, You are blessing to people like me trying to learn how to be successful with leverage trading. I am beyond thankful for you more then you will ever really know. I am so excited for not only my future but my families as well, Its not as easy as some people make it out to be just following the green dots, maybe at the beginning of the bull run it was for people but now the way the market is if you dont use TA with market cypher you will get rekt like i did when i first got Market Cypher. I had to take a step back and learn more then just purchasing Market Cypher and I am still down alot of money but I know that Im going to make it back because of your course and training. Thank you so much Jayson! You are the best! You answer any questions i have as soon as you see the message, If im feeling down about it you literally pick me up, I restarted the course and started writing everything down so it sinks in more and not just try to go through it and get to the next one. I truly am sooo glad i found you on youtube and thing joined the discord and class, YOU are going to make my dreams come true sooner rather then later and i truly believe that man.


Jayson is an excellent instructor. Many other people out there may also have the knowledge that he has, but very few are able to convey it to people new to the subject of trading. Many other “instructors” seem to forget that they are instructing students and too often assume we know things – not Jayson. He’s methodical, properly-paced, devoid of “trader ego” and he is also an active trader, so he’s also extremely aware of the current market with which to use as real-time examples of certain techniques.
ABSOLUTELY money well spent.

Leeroy Jenkins

I am so glad I found Jayson’s course and Discord. In his courses and video streams, Jayson explains all you need to know in a clear and detailed manner that is invaluable, especially if you are relatively new to trading. He is kind and helpful at all times and I can’t imagine a better mentor. His Discord group is friendly and inviting, not to mention very knowledgeable. Jayson, I can’t thank you enough for all the help – you won’t be getting rid of me anytime soon!


If you are doubting getting this course…DONT! This is 100% legitimately, an amazing course which gives you all the confidence and knowledge you need to get ontop of things. Ive been getting into crypto for about two months now and, I’m so lucky to have stumbled on Mr Caspers course, its everything he says it is plus more. And above all Jayson is a dam good man, who has a genuine interest in your questions and is prepared to help. Good on you mate, and thank you for sharing your knowledge to help others!!


The course is really complete and comprehensive with both theory and concrete exemples, as well as tips based on Jayson’s experience. This is really the best investment I have made in terms of trading course, and I recommend this course to absolutely everybody (beginners to intermediates). Thank you Jayson for this amazing course !


I’m only to session 6 now but it has immensely changed mentality and my strategy, Jayson is through, concise, and explains in great detail so anyone can understand!


Advanced Trading Course

A One-Time Payment of $400/USD Gets You:

1. Introduction

  • Intro to Exocharts
  • Intro to Footprint Charts
  • How To Identify Trapped Traders

2. Trading with Orderflow

  • Volume
  • Delta
  • Open Interest
  • Net Longs
  • Net Shorts
  • CVD
  • Trapped Traders
  • Identifying Divergences
  • Advanced Chart Types
  • Trading Strategies

3. TPO Charts & Market Profile

  • Volume Profile Charts
  • Naked Points of Control
  • Intro to TPO charts
  • Single Prints
  • Session Merging
  • Sessions Template Tutorial
  • Trading Strategies  


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